if u dont think im gonna buy the RVBX blu-ray box set with my first paycheck you are dead wrong

never ending list of flawless women; GRIFFON RAMSEY.

Let Me Blow You


yeah so hey! I’m wanting to follow a bunch more people so if you post:

-Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter
-Game Grumps
-Creatures Hub (or anyone in the creatures hub like immortalhd, uberhaxornova, etc.)
-Anything video game related
-Jesse Cox

If I can think of anymore I’ll add them! But I’d appreciate it if you’d reblog this if you do post any of these things!


and dont even get me started on how RT made a character based on Joan of Arc, an absolutely fucking astounding young woman who accomplished so fucking much that she’s hailed not only a heroine but a fucking Roman Catholic saint

into a dude

who doesnt respect women

thats literally what they did